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Accounting & financials in ERP SAAS

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ERP SaaS Accounting & Financial Modules

Get the most out of your ERP software; with more back-office automation and process integration your business can react quicker in the marketplace and make better business decisions. Your business runs real-time; so, having a solution that runs real-time is a must. The accounting & financial modules in Stream are time-tested - more than 25 years of marketplace development - and remain to be the most reliable in the ERP market.

The accounting & financial SaaS modules include:
Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Order Entry, & Purchase Order.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable in ERP SaaS
The Accounts Payable module provides you with the simplest and most efficient mechanism in the industry for choosing which invoices to select for payment; the module increases the productivity of any accounts payable department.
    • Auto Pay (Automation)
    • GL Journal Report
    • Budget/Forecast
    • Fully simultaneous entry & access for users
    • more...

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable in ERP SaaS
Designed to be highly functional, efficient, and easy to learn, the Accounts Receivable module provides the level of receivables control required for maximum cash management and more informed management decisions.
    • Flexible Aging
    • High-speed Cash Application
    • Comprehensive Statements
    • Credit Control
    • more...

General Ledger

General Ledger in ERP SaaS
The General Ledger serves as the company's financial backbone and is the heart of the Accounting System. It will automate all the ledger accounting functions of your company and provide flexible and timely financial reporting. The General Ledger produces profit and expense analysis quickly and accurately, as well as budgets and forecasts.
    • Financial Reporting
    • Subsidiaries Flexible Periods
    • Drill Down Inquiry
    • Integrated Imaging
    • more...

Order Entry

Order Management in ERP SaaS
Processing your customer's orders fast and efficiently requires more than just order entry. It requires the integration, power, and flexibility of Stream's Order Entry. Combined with Inventory Control, Shipping, and Accounts Receivable modules, Stream's Order Entry streamlines every step of your order processing to make it simple and efficient for you.
    • Advanced Kit handling
    • Integrated Catalog Lookup
    • Seamless edits in Warehouse & Inventory record
    • Comment Management
    • more...

Purchase Order

Purchasing & Receiving in ERP SaaS
The Supply Chain is possibly the single most important feature to a Manufacturing or Assembly Business. Replenishing your inventory before goods run out with Stream Vaast is Efficient and Easy. The Purchasing module is designed to automate the process of correctly, and efficiently, replenishing inventory as orders are placed and inventory is shipped to meet customer demand.
    • Automatic PO Generation
    • Internet Ready
    • Multiple Module Automation
    • Vendor Drop Ship
    • more...