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The Turn-Key Integrated ERP Software Solution
Integrated ERP Software
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The Completely Integrated & Customizable POS Software Solution for retail companies.
The Integrated Character Mode ERP Software Solution
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The complete & professional eCommerce option with full ERP integration and more.
Unique Features in Stream V eCommerce Plus

ERP SaaS Products

The Stream series of business software is one of the most extensively developed business applications on the market. It excels as a powerful, flexible and efficient application for companies in the distribution and warehouse management industries since 1983. Stream is one of the few truly integrated & complete ERP systems that is offered as a Software as a Service. It supports all of your back-office processes and operations. Business automation in Stream streamlines your everyday business processes allowing you to cut labor costs and increase overall efficiency. The entire system is accessed in real-time and offers a kind-of instant gratification that modern businesses require.

Some of our clients have been running Stream since 1983; not only are we dedicated to our products, we are dedicated towards providing our customers with the most efficient tools possible so their business runs smoothly.

Some of the modules or business components that are offered in the base model of Stream Vaast & Stream V are: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Bill of Materials, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), Incidents and Actions, Inter-facility Transfer, Inventory Control (Inventory Management), Order Fulfillment, Order Management, Product Management, Purchasing & Receiving, Returns Management, Rebates, RF Guns Warehouse Management, Sales Tax Management, Serial Inventory Management, Fedex Shipping Integration, UPS Shipping Integration, Airborne Shipping Integration, Shop Floor Management, Special Pricing, Vendor Shipping (Drop Shipping), Warehouse Management, Customer-Side eCommerce, Vendor-Side eCommerce & more...

Key Differentiators: SaaS (Internet Based), Multi-Currency, Multi-Language, Multi-User (500+), Multi-Location(Multi-Warehouses), Rebates Processing, Serial Number Inventory Management, Special Pricing, eCommerce Real-Time Integration, General Ledger Integration, CRM Integration, Vendor Shipping (Drop Ship Integration)

Stream Vaast - ERP SaaS
Stream Vaast is a delivery method to provide you with the integrated ERP solution Stream V using the Software as a Service technology & services frame work.

Stream Vaast is a Hosted ERP Solution. Yours will be hosted on secure, speedy servers and can be accessed anywhere over the internet using your favorite browser.

One of the requirements for ERP SaaS Software is to allow unique payment cycles instead of one large implementation fee. We believe this method not only provides a better experience for the client, but in the present economy this seems the more reserved option. We are proud to offer easy & predictable monthly payments with Stream Vaast.

Low up front implementation investments
Implementing Stream Vaast - ERP SaaS is simple. For this reason, implementation costs have been reduced dramatically.

Updates to the software are free
We handle the updates for the software; your IT staff aren't needed in this area. This frees them up to do more important things for the health of your company. Stream Vaast is consistantly updated, so in order to keep you up-to-date, the software will be regularly upgraded to the latest & greatest version.

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Stream V - Turn-Key ERP
Stream is a completely integrated ERP software solution. The integrated business management Software enables the efficiency and productivity that you and your customers demand. Small business' yield big results; although no matter how big or small your business, our software does all the hard work and you get all the credit.

Scalable integrated ERP software up to 500 users, so your business has room to grow. Don't change accounting software every 2 years, our software grows with your business and is updated consistently.

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Stream V - Integrated ERP Software
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Stream 2 - Character Mode
The character mode of Stream runs on a vast amount of operating systems and computer platforms.
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