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A Breif About Us & History of Cove Systems, Inc.

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The Completely Integrated & Customizable POS Software Solution for retail companies.
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About Us

About Cove Systems, Inc.
The Stream Order processing system was the first product produced by Cove Systems, Inc. Cove was founded in 1983, in California by Frank Valcarcel. Stream software began its healthy life as an integrated multi-user enterprise wide system. It gained immediate acceptance at the time, in the rapidly growing personal computer and software distribution channel.

Cove Systems, Inc. is a small company that is located in South West Florida. Because we are a small company, we are able to act swiftly in the market. This enables us to make changes quick and painless, whereas for larger companies making even the simplest change can be painful and take up too much time and resources. At this time, being smaller enables us to react to changes in the market immediately. This enables us to have more relevance in the market place and to better service our customers. The sudden change in the marketplace has occured, this in the form of ERP SaaS.

We acted swiftly to bring Stream V into the quickly expanding ERP SaaS market. We are proud to offer our extremely powerful and user-friendly application to the ERP SaaS marketplace.