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Services & Support

Enterprise-class Services
We have an expert ability to discover and resolve all types of business process & technological complications that slow down your business efficiency and reduce your overall productivity.

We provide a wide range of consulting and business process re-engineering knowledge and services; we pass this on to our clients.

Consulting Services & Business Process Re-engineering services
  • Information Technology Strategic Planning
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Operational audits
  • Operational process and workflow analysis
  • Technology analysis
  • Web Design
  • Internet & web strategy
  • Network planning
  • Cost & benefit analysis
  • Performance enhancement & improvement
  • Business automation planning
  • Systems Hardware Capacity analysis
  • Business process mapping & analysis
  • Information systems effectiveness analysis
  • Functional needs assessments
  • Outsource / inhouse assessments
  • Work Flow Analysis & assessment
  • Implementation support
  • Policy consulting
  • Procedure development / rewrite
  • Project management
  • Contingency planning
Accounting & Auditing Services
Experts with more than 25 years experiance in enterprise level accounting.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
Experts at defining your mission critical applications and processes, we put business continuity processes in place and create a systems disaster recovery plan that workds. Do not fall victim in the aftermath of a disaster; we will assure that your data is safe and available in the case of problems with your primary system.

  • Real-time logging of all transactions to local and/or remote storage.
  • Real-time posting (replication)of logged transaction to local and/or remote systems.
  • Around the clock (24/7), on-line automated network monitoring of your systems to spot system degredation, capacity limits, task stopages, denial of service attacks and immenent failures.
  • Stream V has Multi-platform support to allow you to store your data on different platforms to protect against virus attacks and to optimize fail-over and recovery.
  • Fast fail-over to hot spare replicated systems or replacement equipment.
Network Monitoring
As a part of our ongoing customer support via the Internet, we have implemented a monitoring system here in our headquarters. This monitoring is based on the Big Brother monitoring package by Sean MacGuire and The MacLawran Group Inc. Big Brother connects to customer sites via Telnet and FTP on a regular basis to confirm that the Internet path between our office and the customer's firewall is still intact. This data is then used to display connectivity status data to us to help us isolate any network problems as quickly as possible in order to reduce the duration of any outages.

Requirement Analysis
  • Requirement analysis is a process of discovery, refinement, modeling and specification
  • You could be paying for a perfect program that does not do what the user wants or needs
  • You could be paying monthly or yearly for something that is never used
  • Complete understanding of software requirements is essential to the success of a software development effort
  • Models of the required data, information and control flow, and operational behavior are created
  • Customer as inputer for functions and performance expectation; Developer as consultant and problem solver

System Integration, Installation & Configuration Services
To get the most out of your Software or Hardware it must be installed and configured properly. Let our experienced team do it for you. We offer installation services for all Cove provided software and hardware. Cove Systems, Inc. offers both initial system configuration and ongoing system tuning to be sure that you are always getting the most out of your system.
  • Software Installation and Configuration
  • Network Installation and Configuration
  • Conversion of Data from Legacy systems
  • Hardware Installation and Configuration
  • Operating System Installation

Training Programs & Services
Cove Systems, Inc. provides two types of training for it's Stream V Integrated Business Software. Stream V is a large and comprehensive application. Training can be as simple as learning how to utilize the default system, or learning complex tasks, including administrative tasks.
We train at your site or at our site.