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Full Integration, Power, Scalability & Customization Increases Business Success

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The Turn-Key Integrated ERP Software Solution
Integrated ERP Software
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The Completely Integrated & Customizable POS Software Solution for retail companies.
The Integrated Character Mode ERP Software Solution
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The complete & professional eCommerce option with full ERP integration and more.
Unique Features in Stream V eCommerce Plus

ERP SaaS Integrated eCommerce Modules

Get the most out of your ERP software; with more back-office automation and process integration your business can react quicker in the marketplace and make better business decisions. Your business runs real-time; so, having a solution that runs real-time is a must. The Integrated eCommerce related modules in Stream are time-tested - more than 25 years of marketplace development - and remain to be the most reliable in the ERP market.

The Integrated eCommerce SaaS modules include:
Integrated eCommerce, EDI Data Interchange.

Integrated eCommerce

eCommerce SaaS
Integrated eCommerce is not an add-on product, but a completely integrated part of the main software application. Your customers see all the same live data as your in-house staff is seeing (with limits of course, that you can setup in the eCommerce software management).
    • Order Entry
    • Order Lookup
    • Product Search
    • Customer Catalogs
    • Direct Vendor Link
    • more...

EDI Data Interchange

EDI Data Interchange SaaS
Advancing Business Communication and Manageability. All incidents are visible to the entire enterprise using the CRM module. This allows Sales, Accounting, Service personnel, and Management to have an instant view of what is occurring at every customer, and the status of the Incidents that are active.
    • Reduce operating costs
    • Reduce total acquisition costs
    • more...