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Warehousing Management & Inventory control in ERP SAAS

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ERP SaaS Warehousing & Inventory Modules

Get the most out of your ERP software; with more back-office automation and process integration your business can react quicker in the marketplace and make better business decisions. Your business runs real-time; so, having a solution that runs real-time is a must. The warehousing & inventory related modules in Stream are time-tested - more than 25 years of marketplace development - and remain to be the most reliable in the ERP market.

The warehousing & inventory SaaS modules include:
Bill of Materials, Inter-Facility Transfer, Inventory Control, Order Management & Drop Ship Fulfillment, Product Management, RF Guns - Warehouse Management, Integrated UPS Shipping, & Vendor Ship.

Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials SaaS
Integration and easy access to your information is the key to managing your assembly, manufacturing or distribution business successfully; you can describe how the items in a specific Bill of Materials should be used or handled during assembly.
    • Shortcut keys
    • Browse & Lookup
    • Kitting Enabled
    • Integrated to Inventory Management
    • Integrated to Shop Order Management
    • more...

Inter-Facility Transfer

Inter-Facility Transfer SaaS
Transfering items from one warehouse location to another is handled inside Stream in an easy way that saves you time. With the ability to track those items, you will know where they are when you need them. It doesnt get any easier or more accurate.
    • Track Transferred Goods
    • Multiple Warehouses
    • Easily Transfer Goods
    • more...

Inventory Control

Inventory Management SaaS
Inventory control is the cornerstone of any distribution, reseller and retail business and is essential to profitable operations. The ability to analyze data quickly and efficiently is critical to managing inventory levels in order to control your company's budget and resources.
    • Multiple Locations
    • Multi-Bin
    • Vendor Link
    • Bin Tracking
    • Conveyor Processing
    • more...

Order Management & Drop Ship Fulfillment

Order Fulfillment SaaS
Stream supports Customer Drop Ship Fulfillment; it is the process of your company accepting orders from your customer for direct shipment to your customer's customer (the consumer). This streamlines your orders and has the ability to increase your ROI incredibly.
    • Multiple shipping addresses
    • Carrier Account
    • Returned to the Correct Address
    • Packing Lists
    • more...

Product Management

Product Management SaaS
An innovative way to control inventory & product information. The Stream Product Management System is used to set up and maintain the items or products that you process on your system.
    • Create, View and Edit Product Catalog Information
    • Create Inventory Items from existing Product Catalog records
    • Create and Maintain Product Specific Comments
    • more...

RF Guns - Warehouse Management

RF Guns Management SaaS
saas erp rf guns management The primary function of RF Devices is to expedite the processing of warehouse transactions. These transactions include; inventory receipt, serial number capture, bin transfer, sales order picking, shop order pulls and inventory counting.
    • Identify the items being returned
    • Issue a unique return authorization number
    • View the pricing and other details (shipto information, return and replacement prices, serial numbers) that are associated with the return authorization
    • more...

Integrated UPS Shipping

Shipping UPS SaaS
The use of this one module can result in reduced manpower needs. This module can free up at least one man from the shipping point of your warehouse and put him back in the picking lines where he is needed.
    • Truly Multi-user and Multi-Locational
    • Extensive COD Tag Options
    • eCommerce Interface
    • Insurance Options
    • Increases Productivity
    • more...

Vendor Shipping

Vendor Shipping Management SaaS
Not just a promise, but a reality. Integration with vendors is limited only by the vendor's connectivity and abilities. Stream's plug in technology allow for multiple access points. Whether its XML, API, EDI, Web Access, or any other means of presenting data to the system, this SaaS software can accommodate it and process it.
    • XML
    • Virtual Warehousing
    • API Enabled
    • Web Access
    • Direct Vendor Link
    • more...

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management SaaS
saas erp warehouse management Stream Vaast Warehouse Management System has the ability to track inventory in multiple locations, either local or remote. The Stream Warehouse Management System supports retail, distribution, and manufacturing environments for companies that prepare for future growth and need cutting-edge efficiency today.
    • Seamless Integration in Stream
    • Online, Real Time Database Updates
    • Inventory or warehouse records created automatically
    • Automatic Normalization
    • more...