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ERP SAAS Software News
Stream V News (part b - continued from
    AP Check Lookup by Account
    • Option added to allow resetting printed flag in bank records. Option is used for re-printing an AP check when required.

    Field Rename
    • Renamed Company field 238 to “DunningLetter” to control sending dunning letters.
    • Field added to Company Detail Panel. True = Y, False = blank

    Special Pricing
    • Contract number added to import routines for company and buying group special pricing.

    Invoice Messages
    • Message Manager updated to reflect actual messages used
    • Added support for Cove Token Replacement {token}, which includes manifest constants
    • Removed support for @@USERNAME@@ and @@PASSWORD@@ which are available using tokens

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Stream V News(part b - continued from
    • Starting on PO/AP enhancement to support additional charges – lumper fee, truckload discounts etc

    • Fixed calculation on insurance
    • Box records are deleted when Shipvia is changed to a service with combined shipments.

    Email Statements
    • Fixed bug causing error on clicking OK

    Contact Detail
    • Dunning Flag added

    Dunning Letters
    • Option to email all letters to a test account added
    • Single company option removed, which will be added to company management
    • Created new policy, LLP-DUN, to route output

    Company Master
    • Vendor Customer Number field added to store your customers’ vendor number

    Inventory Adjustment
    • Re-enabled code to block driving inventory on hand bellow allocated in inventory

    Cost of Sales Report
    • Added checkbox to advanced tab for output of additional header information (sales tax, shipping, discount)
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Stream V News for Auguest 2012 (part b - continued from
    UPS/FedEx Label Info
    • Added Extended detail to Company Master to allow specifying what information is loaded into the ShipRush label fields 1,2 & 3.

    Incident Form at Cove
    • Added incident type and stage to LL template.

    Warehouse Dashboard
    • Fixed bug that was calling wrong lookup for Paper Ready Picklist Queue.

    Cash AP Discount Days
    • Created new policy to use invoice data plus discount days from terms to calculate if the discount is applicable.

    • Changed Gencode table name in Catalog Detail from “NMFCNO” to “NMFC” to match Bill Of Lading.

    Inventory Aging Detail
    • Created a new report that outputs an aging of the inventory items. Aging is based on a user provide “target date” and backs out any receipts and sales past that date, then uses the receipt history to age the quantity on hand on the target date. Aging has 5 buckets and the user can specify the size of each bucket (i.e. 15, 30 90 days).
    • Aging report is accessible on Warehouse Reports Menu.

    EDI / AR Invoice Lookup
    • Created new policies that add the ability to export EDI 810 invoices individually from AR Invoice Lookup context menu.

    AR Aging
    • Added selection to AR Aging to limit output to one AR Autopost Account. Defaults to autopost account 120.

    • Added code to warn if there are no BOM or BOM items for a Kit.

    Freight Codes
    • Added Gencode table for NMFCNO codes in Catalog.

    • Addressed problem when trying to use a custom sort routine in SOE.

    • Added checkbox to suppress inactive contacts on contact lists.

    Incident Create
    • Added code to copy PO number from invoice and added Subtype field to incident which gets loaded from Invoice.

    AP Aging
    • Added selection to output credit memos only to advanced tab.

    • Modified Prompt2 object to accept formatting information when called. This allows formatting for input fields to be set.
    • Date input prompts now have Calendar support.

    • Now requiring Viaterms to be set when third party billing information is stored in the Shipto address.

    BOL Entry
    • Added code to limit order number to 8 characters on Print BOL to handle situations where scanner incorrectly scans pick tick number.

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Stream V News for July 2012 (part b - continued from
    Text Field (Comment) Font Sizing
    • Users can now change font size on text fields using the Alt-UpArrow and Alt-DownArrow keys.
    • Using the Ctrl-F7 key the user can change the font and size.
    • Changes are sticky and stored in the local PC registry.
    • We recommend the Tahoma font.

    SQL Queries
    • Added a button to the SQL Report Selector to allow sysops to submit a query to the Cove Query Library. Query is uploaded with ftp and an email is sent to the Cove Support email account unless the operator is an internal Cove operator in which case an email is not sent.

    Bank File Index File Change
    • Created index 9 on Bank file to be Div/Account/TranNo to allow Bank Management to search by new index Tran Number.

    Bank Management
    • Added “Transfer Funds to Another Account” button to move money from one account to another. This option creates a two line journal entry and two bank records.

    • Fixed code in RA Receiving that might cause wrong header comment to print on traveler. Error should only have occurred when RA was saved with no lines.

    • Added an override code to allow sysops to bypass security.

    Bank Management
    • Added JE detail to bank detail panel and ability to add bank records with accompanying JE detail
    • Added code to retain and default the bank account.

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Stream V News for June 2012 (part b - continued from
    System Wide Find_item_by_Something
    • Enhanced code to find item in cross reference file by find cross reference items for the current customer or using the Alternate Item Numbers customer.
    • When you enter an item in order entry the system searches for the item by item#, barcode item#, manuitem# and checks the CrossRef file.

    Internet Timeouts
    • Added Internet_Object(.pkg) to allow setting of internet timeouts which are used when making webservice calls, http and ftp.

    • Removed the Pre_Count and Count Fields from the inventory file as the count system is now Bin based.
    • Renamed fields to spare_27 & spare243.
    • Modified apply count to update inventory count date field on apply count.

    RF Count
    • Added security control to RF Counting. Set policy to “N: to disable access.

    SQL Queries
    • Updated code to allow formatting of footer data.

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Stream V News for April 2012 (part b - continued from
    Print Invoices
    • Created a new SQL Print Invoices routine to eliminate Print Open Invoices and Invoice Print options.

    System Date
    • Converted to store system date, as a Julian Integer.
    • Better handling of international shared systems and Character mode systems.

    Order Invoicing
    • Modified code so as to not delete box (manifest) records for LTL shipments but to renumber them by moving the ShipmentNo to the Inv_no field.
    • Added code to force LTL shipments to have Bill of Lading created before invoicing if selected.
    • Added code to force at least one box record for invoicing if selected.
    • Modified code to keep box records if an order/ticket is pre-manifested.
    • Added shipment number field to manifest record and detail panel, code tests for box records by order number/ticket and renumbers with temp number.

    Receiving Label Printing
    • Added code to continue asking for next line if zero is entered for number of labels to print.

    SQL Queries
    • Added code to warn if an attempt is made to total a column that has non-numeric data in it and to exit gracefully.
    • Updated to use F28:SQLROWLM for max row count.

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Stream V News for March 2012 (part b - continued from
    Receiving Labels
    • Enhanced receiving to prompt for how many labels to print.
    • Defaults to the quantity received.
    • If zero labels are requested, the print routine is not called.

    Order Entry Exit Routine
    • Modified SQL Audit to display result to allow passing a message back.

    Data Dictionary
    • Widened field length field to support longer fields in comment file.

    SQL Report Output Popup
    • Disabled edit ability.

    Generic Ship Note
    • Added option to insert a generic shipping note (Stored in GC:SHIPNOTE:0-999) in order entry.

    Accounts Receivable Journal
    • Converted to grid output.

    JE Entry
    • Fixed title on saving and recalling a Stored JE.

    Open AP Report
    • Fixed Due Date filter and added Invoice Date filter on Advanced Tab.

    AP Proposed disbursements
    • Defaulted the include, non-autopay vendors to unchecked so the report matches create checks behavior when you just select a paydate.

    GL Journal Entry Postings
    • Added a je source IN, selection.

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Stream V News for February 2012 (part b - continued from
    Operator Manager
    • Added a ‘change password’ button in case the operator looses their password, the sysop can now reset it.

    Operator Master
    • Modified to not prompt for password on edit of operator information (i.e. Group, etc.), only on new create.

    • Modified to support case sensitive logins.

    PO Estimated Ship Date/ETA Date
    • Modified PO Item entry to not default these fields if the lead days in inventory are less than one.

    • Added import for vendor and company crossref item numbers from the CSV file.

    • Named NMFCNO, CommodityCode & FreightClass fields. Added to Catalog Detail.

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Stream V News for January 2012 (part b - continued from
    Comment Lookup
    • Added keyboard shortcut, Ctrl-N, to open comment in Notepad

    • Added buttons to create a comment dialog that allow users to specify a unique comment to create
    • Added button to create special shipping instructions comment. This will be expanded to allow creation of other comment types

    • Added code to not use ShipRush for invoices from locations in policy F24:OCNOSRLO
    • Added code to create box records for Kits by scanning the current BOM

    Credit Invoice
    • Added code to Credit Invoice option off AR Invoice Lookup to return kit items to the location specified in system policy F248:KITCRDLO. This is required to properly handle material explosion

    Materials Explosion
    • Completed materials explosion. Requires IAUCODE record EXPLODE to hit the GL for loss or gain

    Inventory Detail
    • Added code to check bin quantities when record is selected

    Special Pricing
    • Added option to special pricing management to duplicate highlighted record using Keyboard Shortcut, Crtl-Insert. The user will be prompted for new item number

    • Added screen text to Query Editor Panel
    • Added Inventory Query menus selection to Inventory Management
    • Added new query – Bin/Inventory Reconciliation

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Stream V News for December 2011 (part b - continued from
    Pick flow
    • Updated documentation.

    Pick Query
    • Added context menu option to see what other bins an item is located.
    • Added an option to change the bin for a pick line.
    • Code to change a bin will split the line if the quantity changed is less than the pick line quantity.

    Pick List Management
    • Added “Reset All” option to reset pick list; it is only available to sysops.

    Minor Update 47
    • Named and widened Ship_Billing field in Invoices file.

    Comment System
    • Modified comment creation code for sales order and invoice forms.
    • Added comment/image button-fading to multiple browses.

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Stream V News for November 2011 (part b - continued from
    JE Proof
    • Updated to new report format.

    • Named email address field.

    Report Output Grid
    • Improved output and added code to standard CovecjGrid to strip out formatting characters when exporting.

    SQL Query Output
    • Modified to add footer totals from SQL Queries to HTML output in preparation of discontinuing XLST/XML Browser output.

    SQL Report Selector
    • Improved to set width of title field to 500.

    SQL Grid
    • Enhanced export to clip board.

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Stream V News for October 2011 (part b - continued from
    PO Entry
    • Changed display of cost calculation to use Text Display popup instead of Showln window.
    • Added duplicate line option to PO Entry line browse. When selected, user is prompted for new date (defaults to next business day 30 days ahead) and quantity.

    • Deferred activation and updated calling code.

    Warehouse Dashboard
    • Added two required Gencode tables: WMSMANGR & WMSTAFF.

    • Named TableRequired field to Gencode record.
    • Added to Gencode manager header detail.
    • Setting this flag allows reports of required Gencode tables.

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Stream V News for September 2011 (part b - continued from
    SQL Queries
    • Added code to popup better error message when a query does not have recnum support for Zoom/Expand (fGridLocateRecord).
    • Added support to GridMenuClass(s) to allow fading options not available when a Query does not return a recnum.
    • Modified Grid_Locate_Record to scan columns to find RECNUM columns.
    • Allows drilldown when using the DISTINCT statement in SQL if the recnum is provided.
    • Updated SQL Report Selector to allow import of multiple query files at once using multi-select in Open Dialog. This is the first Open Dialog multi-select code in STV and is the sample code for this operation.

    Warehouse Dashboard
    • Released a new version.

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Stream V News for August 2011 (part b - continued from
    SQL Explorer
    • Modified SQL statement history lookup to store statement history.
    • Added a button to delete history more that x days old.
    • Added MS-SQL help link to view.

    SQL Queries
    • Created a query library under the Appnotes directory on the Cove Website to store queries.
    • Added Export and Import buttons to the SQL Report Selector, which only show for sysops
    • New queries from Cove will be distributed
    • Added option to the System Update Manager, on SysAdmin menu, to download all new queries from the Query Library at the Cove Website
    • Modified SQLQuery base class to popup list of queries
    • Added menu option for sysops to toggle the display of the SQL statement prior to execution. Default is not to display
    • Enhanced code to handle & and ‘ in selection text

    • Added Daily Demand bucket reconciler to Reconciliation view off System Admin reconciliation menu
    • Added Weekly/Monthly bucket reconciler to Reconciliation view off System Admin reconciliation menu
    • Added Daily Demand refresh button to Item Detail. See Inventory Replenishment application note
    • Added Daily_Demand, Max_qty and SeasonalCode to Inventory Detail Panel

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Stream V News for July 2011 (part b - continued from
    Longcode Comment
    • Fixed Longcode comment display in EDI Dashboard.

    ActiveX/DLL Registration (in 5.4)
    • Windows 7 User Access Control all OXC/DLL components are now supported in StreamV

    User Home Directory (in 5.4)
    • Has been moved to a subdirectory of the standard windows user home path pointed to by the windows environment variable HOMEPATH (automatically set by windows).

    End of Local Registry Use (in 5.4)
    • We are fading out the use of the local registry to track workstation information for security reasons. The information that was in the registry and some from the parameter file are now stored in “Version_xxxxxxx” files in the application programs directory.

    SQL Queries
    • Modified code to replace 1753-01-01 with a blank on SQL Run_Query . SQL returns this date instead of a blank date.

    SQL Explorer
    • Released, enhanced version of SQL Test view with new grid and better history retention.

    SQL Grid Output
    • Replaced CSV output option with standard output panel to allow Browser/Excel, print or PDF output of grid data. Either selected data or all data can be output.

    XML Order Import
    • Added support to check manufacturer item number, bar code item number and cross reference table for items.
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Stream V News for June 2011 (part b - continued from
    Inventory Management
    • Updated code to refresh screen after allocating inventory.

    Customer Contact Lookup
    • Added multiple indices to allow lookup by last name, first name and Contact Company.

    Statement printing
    • Added code to print invoices on statement in invoice number order when selecting "activity since".
    • Added code to single statement print routine and modified template to output payment and adjustment activity for listed invoices if system policy is set.
    • Added a feature that limits to invoice through a specific date.
    • Added a feature to include invoices with activity since a specific date (based on cbal_date).
    • Added prompts for date on Company Management statement selection and on email Statements report.

    Deposit Management
    • Fixed double expand drilldown.
    • Updated code to prevent transaction backout when error encountered in deposit report.
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Stream V News for May 2011 (part b - continued from
    Menu System Security
    • Added a new system policy that will fade the menu selections that the operator does not have access to.
    • Menus have increased in speed.

    SQL Test View (16.1)
    • Converted to new cgGrid for better performance.
    • Added popup list to select previous SQL queries submitted.
    • We keep 100K of prior queries.

    Current Coding(16.1)
    • Implementing new cjGrid object to replace current grid object in forecast and sql queries.
    • It is faster and allows better column manipulation.

    • Modified comment print routine to output using HPR (html) formatting instead of WinReport.

    Order Entry
    • Enhanced code in ShipVia
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Stream V News for April 2011 (part b - continued from
    • Modified code to do a browse home when changing sort sequence and the current record does not qualify in the new sort sequence.

    Shop Manager
    • Enhanced index 4 and index 5 to show highest shop order or sales order number first (descending sequence).
    • Enhanced Browse search logic.

    Shop Floor
    • Modified code to set shop line printed flag to "N" when resetting a pull ticket.

    Weather Check
    • Modified code to only use first 5 characters of zip code.
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Stream V News for March 2011 (part b - continued from
  • Cove Utilities
    • Created view to change country code across all files.
    • Created utility to export images for all companies to individual company directories.

  • System HTML Printing
    • Added support for using htmlprint.exe available from to directly print html docs to the printer.
    • This is used to work around the high security/IE bug with Windows 7.

  • HTML document output
    • Modified code to include CSS in html documents to allow better portability. Requires CoveStyleCss.Css & EmailCss.Css to be in the StreamV programs directory.

  • Vendor Contact Lookup
    • Added insert support.
    • Enhanced insert capability.

  • The Company Manager view has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release. A warning message has been added to notify users of this. Insert support has been added to the Company Management View which is now the primary company view.

  • Order Entry
    • Added Purchase Order Test parameters to preferences.

  • Debug Flag
    • Added button to Sysop Panel to allow toggling the debug flag.

  • Set Accounting Period
    • Added Journal Entry Posting Range to Date Tab and updated to use 4 parameter records instead of one.

  • Messages Manager
    • Split messages setup from System Properties view into new Message Manager view which is also on the System Admin Menu.
    • This allows easier security control as the Message Manager can be put an a MyCove menu to allow access.
    • Moved message setup from Marketing Manager to Message Manager.
    • Reviewed source and added message setup to Message Manager for all common messages.
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Stream V News for February 2011 (part b)
  • Advanced Feature Additions: Allows you to have a required document like "Personal Guarantee" that should not be required on a Company Entity Type = Government

  • Company Management/Manager
    • Added Entity tab to company Management with above fields and Entity_Type & Entity Status which are both Gencode Driven
    • Created SQL Query Popup panel and added to Company Management to allow displaying list of children for a company record
    • Added code to Company Management Browse & Company Detail panel to allow insert from Company Management

  • CovedbComboForm: Added standard Cove context menu
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Stream V News for January 2011 (part b)
    • PO Query: Developed an optional PO query to select the PO for vendor ship invoicing; it calls the Invoice Vendor Ship view.
    • Invoice Vendor Shipment: Developed code to pass the PO number to Order Invoicing for use by vendor ship processing code.
    • Order Invoicing: Designed code to accept PO number from Invoice Vendor Ship process and to default the Shipvia and Shipping Charges from the PO Vendor Ship Comment.
    • Order Management: Created order header contact information to order header detail panel with contact phone number.
    • System: Consolidated code to generate tracking number link into CoveFunc.
    • SQL Query: Modified code to default query number from a counter starting with 1000 when copying and inserting new queries. Cove provided queries range from 1 to 999.
    • AutoPoCreate: Added support for F248: AUTPOLDF Parameter to determine discounts from list for auto PO creation in ecommerce. Parameter contains factor to apply to the retail price of the item.
    • Minor Update 45: Widened Reseller certificate fields in Order, Invoice, Shipto and Company files to 30 characters. Automated update on MS-SQL and Native.
    • AP Invoice Entry: Included support to store AP distributions in the TextData file as F240:APD:VendorAccount:Counter.
    • System Date: Added an option to the login panel to allow the user to set the date that they wish to operator in.
      • Added warning with confirmation.
      • Added a selection on the operator panel to allow access to the date field on login panel.
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Last updates made to Stream V in 2010
    • On Demand Picklist: Added code to jump out of index when Shipvia changes to limit out put to the selected ShipVia.
    • AR Invoice Lookup: Enhanced CCTran lookup and added code to only allow sysops to edit CCTRAN detail.
    • Invoicing CC: Created code to warn operator that authorization was too low.
    • Order Entry/Invoicing: Added option to charge a fixed shipping amount on each shipment.
    • Comments & Images: Updated code to toggle comment and image buttons to indicate presence of comments/images when any comments or images are present for the document
    • CC Processing: Updated code to store source and type.
    • Order Entry: Added code to prompt for new dates when converting a quote to a sales order.
    • Order Management: Added sysop option to the context menu to display SoTemp lines. This can be used for research and debugging.
    • Menu System: Enhanced menu system to support 30 menu selection on Module Pulldown menus and 50 on Cove & MyCove pull downs.
    • Quote, Order and Invoice Messages: Added code to print message at the end of an order confirmation and quote header comment. Messages are maintained using the Marketing Manager view.
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Updates to ERP SaaS for December part 1
    • CashAp: Cleaned up the update of last payment amount.
    • SQL Queries: Fixed a bug that was causing the queries to use the returned count from the last query as the limit count for the next query.
    • Invoicing: Enhanced code to block PayPal terms if the authorization code isn’t in the order, and to replace the order on hold for partial shipment. Added code to apply payment to invoice at end of invoicing.
    • Order Entry: Created code that does not try to authorize CC on Quote or Loaner.
    • AR Aging: Added DaysOld column.
    • AR Invoice Lookup: Standardized Zoom button on all invoice lookups. Moved invoice specific items from more menu to context menu.
    • Invoicing/Order Completion: Updated code to email invoice at invoicing.
    • LL Templates: Corrected issue with Total Charges field not being printed on default statement form.
    • Credit Card Processing: Added Credit Card Authorization View to AR Utilities Menu. This view allows you to authorize credit or create credit card sale transactions. The view does not update and database/accounting information is normally used for testing and special transactions. Normal credit card activity is processed through POS, Order Entry, Order Completion (Order Invoicing) and from the AR Invoice Lookup View.
    • Added Clear CC Authorization to AR Invoice Lookup Context Menu
    • Updated Order Entry to current Credit Card code to use CCTran file.
    • Sales Tax: Enhanced code to not default sales tax rate/code on non-US Addresses.
    • Updated Address Validation Functionality
    • Checkboxes: Fixed sticky state to set registry when box is clicked for better update behavior.
    • Terms & Shipvia Lookups: Implemented inactive filter.
    • Company Lookup: Created code to skip status "X" companies when inactives suppressed.
    • Field Margin: Added margin control on database fields by adding a column to the Field Mask View. This allows limiting the number of characters that can be entered into fields without using a Mask.
    • eCommerce/Web: Updated Stream V eCommerce to use Tax Web Service to select tax code/tax rate. Updated Tax Code Web Service to update zip code file and check Nexus.
    • Gencode - State Table: Created a field use to default TaxCode records when creating from web service.
    • Tax Code Web Service: Added support for Service Objects Fast Tax web service. Eliminated the need to manually maintain the Tax Code table, and purchase tax code information from third parties.
    • Menu: Alphabetized System Admin Pull-down menus
    • Direct Invoicing: Changed code that was reducing the order amount incorrectly.
    • Order Entry: Edited business day calculation to handle new minimum date required by MS-SQL.
    • Business Date: Enhanced business date calculation to check Holiday information to allow skipping holidays.
Updates to ERP SaaS for November
    • Direct Invoicing: Updated shipping charges.
    • AP Check/Wire Creation: Including discounts in report output.
    • Company Manager/Management: Modified to use operator table lookup that filters on active operators.
    • Output Formatting: Updated code to use CoveStyleCSS.css instead of older Cove.CSS. StreamV will automatically download the CoveStyleCSS.css to the application (programs) directory.
    • AP Create Checks: Fixed total on report.
    • Rep Dashboard: Cleaned up filtering controls on actions and orders/quotes browses. Fixed Jump to Today's Actions if there are no actions past today's date. Added the functionality to copy quote to order to match Order Management.
    • Operator Table: Enhanced to allow setting operators inactive. Minor Update loads active flag into all operators, data change only, no file change. Added code to Operator Master and to operator lookup.
    • Order Entry: Added code to update standard holds.
    • AP Check Printing: Enhanced account selection.
    • Additional Order Entry Updates
    • Credit Request: Added Credit Request Query on AR Lookups Menu.
    • Group Table: Added extra fields to Group Table Manager.
    • VDF Query: Updated to version 2.4c. Latest version available.
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Updates to ERP SaaS for June
    • CRM ERP SaaS: Renamed ActionsLookup View to Actions Management.
    • CRM ERP SaaS: Added option provided for companies where sales people control the picking process and is normally not used in an operation with dedicated warehouse personnel.
    • Added option to Marketing Manager Actions Tab to create actions from an input file.
    • Added Scheduling Window and Pick Window to system properties.
    • Enhanced ERP SaaS Company file to allow searching by company name 2 in company manager, company management and company lookup.
    • AR ERP SAAS enhanced account selection on Invoice Adjustment.
    • Inventory adjustment enhanced.
    • Enhanced adding a related item in order entry.
    • Added POS image display to support scrolling through images.
    • Added preference to set PO print routing on save.
    • CRM ERP SAAS: Added display of tax rate on Company Detail Panel ? Disallowed changing company name to blank is company name change view ? Added code to Contact Manager to auto create -CONTACT company record if missing.
    • Created Utilities Views for Company, Vendors and Invoices
    • Added more menu option to import serial numbers. Requires CSV input file with item#, serial#.
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ERP SaaS Software Updates in May

We update our ERP SAAS Software almost every day to make it more usable for your business and more stable for your customers. We are constantly working on ways to make ERP SAAS better integrated and more proficient for your business and entire industry. Here is just some of the changes made in May.

Erp SaaS Enhancements:
    • Added a button that copies ‘Vendor Address’ to ‘Remit To Address’ in AP module in ERP SaaS Mode
    • Added Code in Catalog Manager to allow edit of Stock & Serial flags
    • Added Comment Manager in ERP SaaS Cove Tools
    • Added option ERP SaaS Marketing Manager to set inactive accounts to “I”
    • “Default” button to Shipto Address adds default address in CRM module
    • Enhanced Direct Invoicing of non-stock items in AR module
    • Added Multi-index search to Shipto browsers in Company Master & Company Detail Panel
    • Added invoice totals to bottom of Cost of Sales report in AR module
    • Added Perishable field to Catalog Master in PMS module
    • Added Address validation to Vendor Manager in AP module
    • Added Address validation to Company detail panel & Company Manager BillTo Address
    • Enhanced Printing Customer statements to display, email, & printer in CRM module
    • Added support for BillTo in invoice print routine in AR module
    • And more ERP SAAS updates..
Our ERP Software Implementation Strategy

Since its inception, Cove Systems has been dedicated to producing technologically superior business software solutions and backing them with the finest implementation techniques and services.

Over many years, Cove Systems has developed an implementation strategy to speed up the install process of a new system. This process has been successful at sites around the world.
Read more about the Cove ERP Software Implementation Strategy here
April updates to Stream V & Stream POS

    • New Vendor XSLT Report
    • Added to support to email XSLT Reports inside the app
    • Updated code for Expand, Zoom, and Context menu in Queries
    • Data Change history option re-enabled
    • Reset panel locations makes moving from a 2 monitor computer to a single easier
    • Added tabs to price section to de-clutter the screen
    • Updated keyword search
    • New order invoicing view
Replacing Microsoft Dynamics software?

Because of price, ROI, scale, time, scope or just plain functionality, decision makers often find out that Microsoft dynamics is not the best choice for their companies.
Read more about ERP & POS software that replaces Microsoft Dynamics here
Growing out of Quickbooks? Is Stream V right for you?

You may not know but QuickBooks & Peachtree software are the most replaced business software in the market. Businesses need more features, more scalability, and more real integration within modules like AP, AR, and GL.
Read more about how Stream V ERP & POS replaces Quickbooks software here
March updates to Stream V & Stream POS
    • Calendar prompt added
    • Multiple database support updated
    • Imaging system added support for drag and drop
    • Purchasing update, auto print
    • Output DEF files to system status report view
    • Debug mode
    • New SQL/XSLT Product sales report
    • Updated EDI fields
    • Right click to change text font
    • New CRM, Bank, & GL XSLT reports
    • Added Vendor PO Report
    • New Cost of Sales XSLT report in AR
    • Added ability to skip inactive vendors in vendor lookup
    • New XSLT reports: Order Report, Orders by Customer, Order, Cost of Sales by Customer, Order report by Item.
Stream V updates & enhancements in February
    • Startup view
    • POS overpayment fix
    • General Ledger, JE period
    • POS Item history lookup
    • Added address validation to vendor manager and vendor contacts in AP
    • Added weather to vendor contacts in AP
    • POS store credit enhancements
    • SOE tab dialogs more user friendly
    • CRM added contact phone # to Shipto address & sales order header
    • Inventory enhancements & adjustments to code
    • Created XSLT Sales Tax report in Inventory Management
    • Modified buyer name property in PO
    • Added check lookup in AP to Create Checks view
    • Created JE print routine (XSLT) in GL
    • Added print routing preference in GL
    • Added print support & print preference to JE Lookup
    • A system update was made that enhanced and cleaned up code in DataCheck to VDF 15, tested against Native, Faircom & MSSQL
Updates & Enhancements to Stream in the month of Jan

The month of January saw many enhancements to the Stream series of business software. Stream V & Stream POS received the most updates.
    • Better printer integration
    • Safer Credit Card transactions
    • Support added for credit card reader
    • Added directory selection memory
    • See current weather reports from in Company & Contact master records in CRM
    • Module enhancements in CRM, AR, GL, CashAp
    • Deposit Management
    • Masking credit card field in Sales Order Entry
    • POS policies added
    • Starzen FXImage control implemented
    • Jpgs & Bmps display better with sizing ability
    • Better invoice printing
    • Smarter Sales Order Entry
    • Address validation in Contact Detail Panel in CRM
One update to Stream V & POS is the integration of the weather forecast from in the CRM module. This allows for better decision making in key areas of your business. Stream business software is consistently updated every week – even every day – and you can view the latest changes as they are made.
View the consistently updated Stream Business Software Enhancements & updates document.
POS Software Website Launched

The official website for Cove System's powerful and customizable point of sale application, Stream POS, is launched. Now Cove is offering retail businesses the same reliable & efficient software that distribution businesses and Stream V users have known so well.

Stream POS allows you to manage all your back-office and front-end operations. Customer Relationship Management, Warehouse & Inventory Management, and Retail Accounting such as Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, & Accounts Payable are all standard in Stream POS Software.

Stream POS - Point of Sale Software features:
    • Price lookup
    • Transaction & item discounts
    • Void transaction
    • Special orders
    • Time-limited specials
    • Items on hold
    • & so much more...

Contacts in our ERP SAAS are integrated to Twitter & Facebook

What are your contacts doing right now? With our Business Software you will know. Your contacts in the software are integrated with Twitter & Facebook! It monitors your contacts Facebook & Twitter pages and lets you stay updated with their latest movements.

The Twitter & Facebook pages are checked for updates without any noticable cost to the applications performance. Take advantage of the Social Networking trend in your marketing and sales departments. Contact us for more information about the ERP Social Networking integration module.

Cove Systems is offering demos of Stream POS (Point of Sale)

We are now offering live demos of our new Point of Sale application, Stream POS. Contact us by phone or use our email form. You don't need to stand on your head and touch your nose to get a demo. Tell us your interested in the new Stream POS demo and we will setup a demo at your earliest convenience. Let us show you how Stream Point of Sale is perfect for your business.

New updates & enhancements made to Stream V

* Stream updates your help file to the most current version; updates everyday.
* Postal & Shipto address validation and suggestions added
* Address validation and suggestions use the USPS addressing standards
* The address validation feature is free till Sep 31, 2009 for existing Cove customers
* Support added that enables Stream users to launch external applications from inside of Stream


You don't need any special privileges to view the videos and no forms to fill out. The ERP Software Videos range in length from 2 to 30 minutes. Increase your knowledge.

* Address validation in Stream V
* How to startup Stream V and Login
* Navigate the Menus
* The 'My Cove' Menu

News Down Under - Burkert Australia goes to Stream V
After running Stream II for many years BC-AUS is upgrading to Stream V to take advantage of the many new features available in the Windows version of Stream.

ERP SaaS Updates in June

  • Added more menu option to import serial numbers in Serial Master
  • Enhanced main status bar - About box, links to for support, help system.
  • Completed Cove menu system with MyCove and MyGroup support, Security and include file based menu management
  • Menu: Added control to System Properties to turn of all menus, restricting people to MyCove/Group. Added support for add on items on the end of each pull down menu.
  • Updated Shipping Management features
  • Added the use of F5 when in panels to refresh in Startup View.
  • Added Systems Operator Management tools
  • Updated UPS/Fedex to ShipRish Features.
  • Enhanced Menu code for faster execution and smaller footprint in app.
  • Enhanced GencodeTable to an easy-to-edit grid management system
  • Added customizable system startup splash screen
New Imaging Interface Released
More image types supported, Direct Printing, Direct File Import, Multi-Page Scanning, ADF and Duplex Scanning, Drag and Drop, Auto-Contrast, Zoom and Rotate.

Warehouse RF Gun Innovation
A current project at Cove's is making physical inventory management efficient and more productive for businesses that require both efficiency and instant return on investment. Electrograph Systems, Inc., - the leader in display technology solutions, with 11 offices, 9 distribution centers, and more than 6,000 reseller partners across the country - has contracted the design and implementation of a new RF Gun Inventory/Warehousing software system.

The new RF Guns Software will reduce the amount of time it takes to pick bin items and transfer goods etc. The system operates in real-time so there is no need to dock your RF Guns in order to communicate with your computer systems.

The software is truly innovative in respect to customization. A new level of productivity and customer satisfaction has been achieved with the new RF Guns software. The RF Gun Software is: paperless, real-time, improves upon speed, is operated with ease, and is customizable enough to fit any brand.

Integrated ERP SaaS software that does what you need it to.
If you desire to compete in the new global market you need an integrated distribution software solution that you don't need to replace later when your business grows. Our ERP SaaS Software is scalable up to 500+ users. It is a perfect fit for companies looking to replace an older or outdated accounting system with something reliable, robust, consistently updated, scalable, and secure.

Cove Systems brings more than 25 years of successful business experience to your company. Streamline your most critical business operations with Stream Vaast - ERP SaaS Software.

ERP SaaS software is designed to streamline your business operations. That's precisely where Stream Vaast gets its name. Your company doesn't have to be a large enterprise to take advantage of ERP SaaS software anymore. In fact, most Integrated ERP Software is being sold to Mid-Market Businesses. Mid-Market businesses are organizations that earn more than $50 million in revenue but less than $1 billion, annually.

Our Wholesale Distribution, Warehouse, Discreet Manufacturing Software is designed with integration in mind in order to improve business efficiency, manage costs, increasing ROI, improve business productivity and overall reliability in your SaaS Distribution Software.

eCommerce in Stream Vaast - ERP SaaS Software is completely integrated into system. The eCommerce module is not a stand-alone application; it really is completely integrated to make life easier, more efficient, plus real-time makes data more accurate.

eCommerce websites are completely integrated with the Stream Vaast - Integrated Business ERP SaaS software. There are absolutely no reentering orders from a website into the ERP system. Customers can view their history and status in real time. When changing pricing in ERP SaaS it will reflect automatically in the catalog on the eCommerce website.

With Stream Vaast, productivity, accuracy, and efficiency increase & we are able to bring you into the next generation of eCommerce Integration. Stream Vaast will maximize business efficiency by automating redundancy and by simplifying your tasks.
Accounting & Financial Modules that are completely integrated with each other.
Warehouse & Inventory Management Software have never been this powerful & easy. Inventory control is the cornerstone of any distribution, reseller and retail business and is essential to profitable operations. The ability to analyze data quickly and efficiently is critical to managing inventory levels in order to control your company's budget and resources.
Perform customer service & marketing tasks efficiently; service your customers better & faster. The Customer Relationship Module is a powerful application which can be used to perform a variety of customer services and marketing tasks.
Completely integrated into the ERP Saas Software; make your life easier now.
The Integrated Accounts Payable module is one of the two pillars on which the General Ledger stands. This module feeds the General Ledger with subsidiary information needed to complete the liability and expense sections of the balance sheet and income statement, providing a complete financial of the company.
Designed to be highly functional, efficient, and easy to learn, the Accounts Receivable module provides the level of receivables control required for maximum cash management and more informed management decisions. Integrated with Sales Order Entry, Invoicing and Point of Sale, the ERP SaaS Software Accounts Receivable module allows tight control of credit limits and tracks available credit on an on-line, real-time basis to assure that credit availability is controlled based on the companys credit policies.
The Bill of Materials is essential in assembly, distribution and manufacturing businesses. Businesses need to have a "parts list" in order to put together certain items like computers, for example. With SaaS ERP Software the Bill of Materials Module has everything you need to efficiently run your assembly & discrete manufacturing processes.
The Customer Relationship Module is a powerful application which can be used to perform a variety of customer services and marketing tasks. The CRM module is completely integrated with the other modules in the ERP SaaS Software system, and it allows you to access a large number of programs with a minimum amount of navigation. You may use the CRM module to locate and view existing customer and contact information, and to create new customer and contact records. You may also use the module to access current sales order and invoice status and history. The CRM module allows you to create new quotes and sales orders, to edit existing quotes and sales orders, and to create and process opportunity, incident and action records for your customers and contacts. In addition, you can use the module to define, create and process scripts for profiling your customers, to look up inventory availability and pricing, and to view and set up special pricing records for particular customer/item combinations.
The SaaS ERP General Ledger easily handles recurring and repetitive entries, and accruals for future application. Journal entries, as well as accruals for future periods are then applied individually or as a group. Predefined closing entries can be stored for repetitive use and can be automatically reversed in the next period. All subsidiary modules automatically feed the GL for timely, on-line, and accurate financial reports. All activity modifying the General Ledger is stored in journals and identified by source, post date, and journal entry number. This allows extensive reporting capability and complete audit trails.
The Cove Systems ERP SaaS Software Incident and Actions system is a powerful and versatile tracking system that can be used for a variety of tasks within a support and service organization. The ERP SaaS implementation of the Incident and Action System allows for the integration of the CRM, Technical Services, RA tracking, and Technical support areas of your business. The use of customized, user specific, multi-parameter browse technology allows the client to define exactly the functionality they would like for their system. All codes for Incidents, Stages, and Actions in the system are fully definable by the client company to allow the software to function by utilizing their workflow and processes.
The Inter-Facility Transfer (IFT) System is designed for companies with multiple warehouses that are physically separated from each other. Companies need the ability to easily and efficiently transfer inventory between multiple facilities. These companies also need the ability to track the goods being transferred while they are in transit, and to control when the amounts being transferred are received into the system. This is important because the system uses inventory on hand quantities for purchasing and other processes, and there may be a substantial amount of time between the shipment of the goods out of the source warehouse and the subsequent receipt of the goods in the destination warehouse.
Inventory control is the cornerstone of any distribution, reseller and retail business and is essential to profitable operations. The ability to analyze data quickly and efficiently is critical to managing inventory levels in order to control your company's budget and resources. The ERP SaaS Software Inventory/Warehousing module maintains the most accurate, easy to access, real-time inventory available today. The SaaS ERP Software Inventory Management module allows the use of unlimited warehouse locations. Multiple operators can update inventory information in multiple locations simultaneously. Transferring inventory among warehouses takes place on-line to assure immediate availability at the destination warehouse. Companies shipping to remote warehouses can easily implement the Inter-Facility Transfer System to more accurately reflect inventory availability.
To provide additional customer service, and differentiate your company from your customers other suppliers, Cove supports 'Customer Drop Ship Fulfillment'. Customer Drop Ship Fulfillment is the process of your company accepting orders from your customer for direct shipment to your customer's customer (the consumer).
Processing your customers' orders fast and efficiently requires more than just order entry. It requires the integration, power, and flexibility of ERP SaaS Software Order Entry. Combined with Inventory Control, Shipping, and Accounts Receivable modules, Stream Vaast Order Entry Streamlines every step of your order processing to make it simple and efficient for you. With SaaS ERP Order Entry your business will run so smoothly, by default, your business will be led to great success. The Order Entry module makes Stream Vaast the most complete, integrated distribution solution in the marketplace today. Powerful and highly integrated, Stream Vaast Order Entry allows your company to efficiently process your orders through the three stages of order processing. ERP SaaS Software Order Entry accepts order information from the operator, thoroughly audits it, and produces an optional picking list. Support for same-day shipping and sophisticated pricing algorithms provides the flexibility your company needs to stay competitive in today's market.
The SaaS ERP Product Management System is used to set up and maintain the items or products that you process on your system. The Product Management System is used to set up and maintain inventory or product information for Warehousing, Manufacturing, and Distribution operations. The Stream Vaast Product Management System (PM) allows your Warehousing and Distribution business to perform a variety of product setup and maintenance tasks easily. The Product Management System is used to define the products that can be processed in Stream Vaast SaaS ERP, and to create and maintain additional information that is related to or associated with these products. The information that is created and maintained with the Product Management System is used throughout the Stream Applications, and in many cases, determines how each item is handled by the system during transaction processing.
The Supply Chain is possibly the single most important feature to a Manufacturing or Assembly Business. Replenishing your inventory before goods run out with ERP SaaS is Efficient and Easy. The SaaS ERP Software Purchasing module is designed to automate the process of correctly, and efficiently, replenishing inventory as orders are placed and inventory is shipped to meet customer demand. The need for ordering inventory can come from many areas: customer demand for products not in stock, the entry of orders exceeding available inventory, usage driving inventory levels below predefined minimums, and the preparation for future sales or production runs.
The Returns Management program requires you to select the items for each RA by invoice number. As you insert each new Return Authorization, the system displays the Invoice Lookup program. The Invoice Lookup program is a browse based program that allows you to locate a specific invoice using any of the several different search and display sequences available in the program. The Invoice Lookup program also allows you to view detailed information about each invoice header and line item record in the system, including any serial numbers associated with the invoice.
Our ERP SaaS supports the use of RF Devices in order to access your data real time from anywhere in your warehouse. Real time access allows you staff to continuously have accurate information, even when they are not near a workstation. The use of RF Devices eliminates the need for printing paper documentation and speeds up the handling of materials in the warehouse. The primary function of RF Devices is to expedite the processing of warehouse transactions. These transactions include; inventory receipt, serial number capture, bin transfer, sales order picking, shop order pulls and inventory counting.
Multiple physical warehouses can be maintained from a single, centralized data location. Automated scales can be configured to interface with the system so that, as boxes roll down the rolling stock, they pass over the scale that transmits the box weight directly into the manifest. No more problems with incorrect weights on the billing audits.
The ERP SaaS Business Accounting Software Module, Special Pricing offers multiple pricing methods to support the wide variety of ways that companies do business with their customers. These pricing methods are based on the variables that are most commonly used to establish a customers price for a particular product. The basic variables used are who the customer is, what type of customer they are, the item they are ordering, how many, and the date.
Vendor shipping is an essential part of the Virtual Warehousing paradigm. Imagine having the ability to ship goods directly to your customer's dock from your vendor's warehouse. This capability is built into SaaS ERP Stream Vaast. Cove Systems, Inc. calls these shipment types Vendor Ships. This integration of these transactions avoids faux transactions being entered in your inventory file for shipments that never touch your shipping dock. Many systems require an entry into and out of your inventory file to record these transactions. SaaS ERP allows tracking these transactions for later 3 Way Matching in the AP system, without recording the inventory movement. 3 Way Matching requires all trade invoices to have a matching PO and Receiving Document in order to be processed in AP.
Inventory control is the cornerstone of any distribution business and it is essential to profitable Distribution, Assembly, Manufacturing, and Wholesale operations. Critical in managing inventory levels to control your company's budget and resources, is the ability to analyze data quickly and efficiently. To do this, the ERP SaaS Warehouse Management System (WMS) maintains the most accurate, easy to access, real-time inventory available today.
SaaS ERP Integrated eCommerce allows secure access to your accounting system via the Internet, using standard Browsers, to allow both customers and vendors to interact and perform ecommerce functions with the application. The Integrated eCommerce system employs a pair of Java server processes to perform real-time communication to and from your SaaS ERP Business Software system which resides securely inside your firewall. ERP SaaS Integrated eCommerce is not an add-on product, but a completely integrated part of the main software application. Your customers see all the same live data as your in-house staff is seeing (with limits of course, that you can setup in the eCommerce software management). Transactions performed by the customers/vendors are executed in real time and provide immediate feedback and appear in your live data. By providing your customers with real-time access, your non-sales calls will go down and sales will go up. A combination of multi-level security, on-line audits and automatic transaction holds allow you to configure the Integrated eCommerce system to provide the functionality your customers and vendors demand and the data security your company needs. SaaS ERP Integrated eCommerce Software can be implemented in a fraction of the time and cost of classical EDI solutions and allows anyone to trade with you fast and efficiently with no special setup at their end. Your customers can do business with you anywhere in the world! All they need is access to the World Wide Web.